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Make sure you purchase KOHLER Genuine Spare Parts every time you need to service or repair your engine. Do not attempt to install substandard parts: they may fit, but they will end up costing you more in the long run. You need to buy spare parts from licensed dealers if you want to get the original parts.


Outstanding performances

Always ask for KOHLER Genuine Spare Parts to guarantee exceptional reliability as standard for your engine productivity. At Kohler, we make sure all parts are vigorously tried and tested to ensure outstanding performances. As you do, we put quality first, so when you use KOHLER Genuine Spare Parts, you determine safety and longevity of a Kohler engine, avoiding any problems that could occur from using counterfeited parts.


Durability of the parts

KOHLER Genuine Spare Parts are durable. It is important to buy spare parts that last longer even in the toughest operating conditions of your machine. Do not ignore that the durability of spare parts is a key factor to increase productivity in the long-term.


The wise investment

KOHLER Genuine Spare Parts are definitely a good investment. Buy them for your KOHLER engine to get better value for money. Initially, genuine spare parts might seem expensive, but you will find out the benefits in the long run. What is the value of your machine compared to the saving you might get by installing cheaper counterfeited parts? Would it justify putting at risk your machine?


Maintain your machinery

It is important to buy KOHLER Genuine Spare Parts to maintain your engine properly. When you combine your KOHLER engine with counterfeit parts, you end up damaging the quality of the entire machine. To keep your machine perfectly functioning, you need to service and repair it with original spare parts.


Reduce downtime

Reduce downtime by buying KOHLER Genuine Spare Parts. Don’t waste your time and let your machine be more productive for a long time without breakdown.


A global network

Kohler network is wide and capillarly present in the six continents: wherever you are, find the closest KOHLER Genuine Spare Parts dealer and let us serve you quickly without any fuss.


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