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General conditions of Sale

1 - Each order integrates the complete acceptance of our general conditions of sale, except where otherwise provided in the

order confirmation. It is not allowed any revocation of the customer; however Cirifalco company has the right to accept

requests for cancellation against payment of an indemnity equal to 30% of the amount.

2 - Any declaration of representatives I used is not final unless confirmed in writing by our office in

Lamezia Terme.

3 - Price lists, estimates, offers, illustrations, catalogs and prices are not binding and may be subject, at any time

and without notice change, both due to product improvement, both for an increase in our price lists.

4 - Delivery terms are purely indicative and may be delayed due to circumstances beyond either of our

of our society. providers.

5 - Our prices are net for merchandise ex our warehouses, exclusive packaging unless otherwise agreed.

6 - The products are deemed to be delivered to the purchaser when they are delivered to the carrier or freight forwarder or to

anyone who has the responsibility to take possession of it.

7 - Cirifalco The company reserves the right to make partial deliveries.

8 - Cirifalco The company has no obligation to insure the goods except in cases and within the limits in which the insurance was

request in writing by the client. I am charged to the purchaser the expenses and the need to specify which risks must

cover insurance

9 - Complaints about incomplete or regular deliveries as well as for quality defect promises or services must be recognized

be notified in writing immediately, no later than 8 (eight) days of receipt, meaning after the said

term supply accepted without reserve.

10 - For claims submitted within the above mentioned terms, our company is committed to the supply of the missing or

replacing what wrong or defective, excluding any other compensation for direct or indirect damages. The warranty period

It is not changed due to the replacement or repair.

11 - Payments must be made solely to the company Cirifalco, on time and will not be delayed

or suspended for any reason. Any payment by promissory notes, drafts, checks etc. It does not constitute a derogation and is

always accepted "with recourse". If payment is expected against trafficking or bank receipt of the invoice constitutes notice

issuance thereof; the amounts owed to the company Cirifalco are calculated the interest from the expiry of the deadline

of payment.

12 - The sale shall take title to the goods with reserve (art. 1523 et seq. Of the Civil Code) until full payment of the price.

The buyer must therefore clarify the properties of Cirifalco company in case of seizure seizure of materials

of this provision if the same is not entirely welded.

14 - The purchaser hereby accepts such jurisdiction, the Court of Lamezia Terme.

It means expressly approved all the clauses mentioned above.

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